Working with Directories

The DirectoryList class returns the content inside the given path. You can decide if you want to see only files, folder and files, and set some filters to see only a subset of the content.

The content returned by the DirectoryList can be looped and use internal SPL functions to retrieve interesting information.

Example of usage inside a Controller

$dir = \Sifo\DirectoryList();

// Get immediate files with *.html and *.css extensions:
$parse_folder = ROOT_PATH . '/instances/sifoweb/docs';
$files = $dir->getList( $parse_folder, array( 'html', 'css' ) );
foreach ( $files as $path => $info )
    echo "<h1>Path: $path</h1>";
    if ( $info->isDir() )
        echo " (directory)";
        // See methods:
        echo "<br/>File weights: {$info->getSize()}";
        echo "<br/>Basename: {$info->getBasename()}";
        echo "<br/>Type: {$info->getType()}";
        echo "<br/>Modified last time: {$info->getMTime()}";
        echo "<br/>Owned by: {$info->getOwner()}";
        echo "<br/>Permissions: {$info->getPerms()}";

// Get recursive list of *.html and *.css files and dirs:
$files = $dir->getRecursiveList( $parse_folder, true, array( 'html', 'css' ) );
// ... loop again