About Sifo

Sifo is an Open Source PHP Framework originally developed by Albert Lombarte. It is designed to support website inheritance, true multi language, scaling, and all the tools for debugging and quick development.


In the summer of 2009 I received a phone call from a good friend who was running a start-up company. He wanted to hire my services to develop a custom, SEO-oriented, PHP framework for an e-commerce site.

I rejected the offer and I told him I would do it for free because I wanted this framework for myself anyway and I would use his project to have another application running over it. So I created the essence of what Sifo is today, only that was named SEOframework then (Sifo came up later spontaneously as the name was tooooo long).

In the autumn of 2009 Splitweet.com (acquired in 2012 by Hootsuite) was the first application online with Sifo, and handled over 130K Twitter users reading and posting tweets heavily. And several others applications with much more traffic came right after, accompanied by 10-15 additional contributors (all close friends and developers, the repository was private).

Two years after an extensive usage, enhancements, testing and multiple online applications the last commit (#1024) to the private SVN was accepted and everything was moved to Github. It was exactly the summer of 2011.

Since 2011 the project keeps moving on and evolving every day thanks to several companies and individuals with the spirit of the Open Source movement. If you want to contribute to the project, we cannot be happier. Get on the train.

-- Albert Lombarte


Top contributors (update 2014):

  • Albert Lombarte
  • Albert García
  • Jorge Tarrero
  • Pablo Ros
  • Javier Ferrer
  • Alejandro Pérez
  • Carlos Lombarte
  • Sergio Ambel
  • Nil Portugués

Also contributed:

  • Daniel Madurell
  • Quim Blanch
  • Carlos Soriano
  • Manel Fernández
  • Antonio Pinel
  • Juan Manuel Garrido