Download Sifo

There are several ways to get a copy or working copy of Sifo. You can download a compressed file or clone the entire project. The VCS we use at the moment is Git and we host the code in Github.

You need at least PHP 5.3 to run Sifo. We make use of namespaces and other capabilities of PHP only available to 5.3 and greater.

Download via tarball/ZIP

If you don't want to mess with the version control systems, downloading a tarball or zip is the easiest way to get the code, but upgrades to the next versions have to be done manually.

Last version Stable versions

  • Latest version is the last commit of the master branch. Commits to branch are usually controlled and safe.
  • Stable versions are the ones that have run without known problems for a long time.

Clone/fork/download from github RECOMMENDED

Either if you want to contribute back or not, here is the latest version of the framework, see Sifo at Github. We recommend you to clone the project in your machine Clone @ GitHub or issue the command:

# Clone the Sifo project into a folder called "sifo":
git clone git:// sifo

Very old PHP 5.2 version (deprecated, unsupported, abandonware)

This is the only version we publish prior to 2.0: the 1.9 version and should not be downloaded or used in any new project. The project was not even named Sifo, but SEOFramework.

Target: This version is for nostalgic people or for people who runs a tech museum.

Please be aware that support for PHP 5.2 has been discontinued and the framework needs a heavy migration to adapt it to the 2.x version. Current version is very far from this old version and all the documentation online won't make any sense to you. We fiercely discourage you to use this version:

ACHTUNG! Warning! Compte! ATENCIÓN! Do not use this version!