Installation in a shared hosting

If you want to install Sifo in a shared server and you don't have the possibility to modify the VirtualHosts here is a trick. The following example is for Webfaction, but others are similar.

  • Create a new App Static/CGI/PHP-5.3
  • Create the domain and website, and link the just created app.
  • Enter the shell and create a new folder, place all the code inside. Ensure the code is not under the folder the hosting created for you to hold the app (e.g: out of the 'webapps' folder)
  • Go to this folder the hosting created for you and where you don't have the code. E.g: cd webapps/your_application
  • Delete any sample files (index.html)
  • Create a new .htaccess file:

Content of .htaccess:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^([^.]+)/?$ /index.php

And finally:

  • Create a link from the hosting folder to the dispatcher in the other folder you have created. E.g: ln -s ../../path_to_checkout/instances/*yourinstance*/public/root/index.php .

And that's it.