Directory structure

When you have downloaded the Sifo code, the directory structure looks like this:

 |_ instances --> Each web project you create should place a folder here
   |_ common --> Instance by default
   |_ yourinstance -> You should have created your own instance
 |_ libs --> External libraries needed to make your project work (including Sifo)
 |_ logs --> Directory where the php errors and other stuff is written
 |_ scripts --> Scripts that will run via PHP-CLI
 |_ tests --> Unit testing

The most important folder is the instances folder, which contains your project, and is the place where you will work. When you build your app you only have to focus in sifo/instances/yourowninstance. Every instance should have, at least, the following structure:

 |_ classes -> OPTIONAL. Allows to redefine the Sifo classes and other libraries.
 |_ config -> Configuration files are here.
 |_ controllers
 |_ locale -> Translations used in you templates will be stored here
 |_ logs
 |_ models
 |_ public
   |_ static --> The static files are stored here
   |_ root -> Where the dispatcher is kept